Posted July 31, 2011 by stevewaters17
Categories: Experience of redundancy in the Armed Forces

You may be visiting this site because you are a member of the Armed Forces who is facing redundancy. You may be a relative who is worried about what redundancy will mean for the family. Or perhaps you are a civilian who is worried about what effect the redundancies will have on our defence capability .

Whatever your reason for being here, you will be able to find information about redundancy, express how you feel about the reduction in the Armed Forces and, most important of all, support and help one another. No one can pretend that redundancy is not stressful, demoralising and emotionally challenging. But sharing our experiences, helping one another out and making concrete plans for the future will all help to get through the experience with as much of a positive outlook as possible.

How do I know?  Because I was made redundant myself after 35 years as a teacher, senior manager and educational consultant – the first time I had ever been unemployed in my career.  One of my decisions was to use my experience to help members of the Armed Forces to cope with redundancy – and this site is part of that process.  As I have never been a soldier, sailor or airman, I can’t pretend to know what redundancy really means to a member of the Armed Forces – but I am a good listener and learn quickly.  Tell me about what it’s like to face redundancy or to have been made redundant. How is it different from a civilian’s experience?  What unique help do you need?  We are all here to listen, to learn and to help.


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